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如何保护网上个人隐私 How to keep your details safe on the internet

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本文摘要:There are no equivalents to highway codes, nutritional guidelines and movie-style ratings systems to help people make safe choices on the internet.人们要在互联网上作出安全性的自由选择,没像现实生活中交通法规、营养指南以及电影风格评级制度之类的东西作为参照。


There are no equivalents to highway codes, nutritional guidelines and movie-style ratings systems to help people make safe choices on the internet.人们要在互联网上作出安全性的自由选择,没像现实生活中交通法规、营养指南以及电影风格评级制度之类的东西作为参照。Many consumers feel hopeless and helpless, as retailers, healthcare providers and governments lose millions of records and hackers steal their identities to make fraudulent transactions. Senior businesspeople may be among the most at risk because of their wealth or because they may have access to commercially sensitive material.许多消费者深感恐惧和绝望,因为零售商、医疗服务提供者及政府遗失了数以百万计的记录,而黑客盗取消费者的身份展开欺诈交易。

高层商界人士归属于风险最低的人士行列,原因在于他们的财富,或是因为他们有可能有取得商业脆弱材料的途径。Current forms of cyber security protection, particularly for individuals, are not keeping up with wily hackers, who are able to change tactics quickly.当前的网络安全维护形式(特别是在对个人来说)跟上需要较慢转变策略的阴险黑客。Jay Kaplan, chief executive of Synack, a security start-up, says people should prioritise monitoring how their information is being used, because they have to assume it has been stolen by someone.初创的网络安全企业Synack首席执行官杰伊愠湓灦(Jay Kaplan)说道,人们应当侧重监测他们的信息是如何被用于的,因为他们被迫假设自己的信息早已被别人盗取了。

“It is inevitable,” he says. “Everyone needs to take a stance that eventually their information will be compromised unless they live under a rock and never share electronically. Even then, it is impossible, given they do things such as file tax returns.”“这是不可避免的,”他说道。“每个人都必须认识到,他们的信息注定都会受到危害,除非他们生活在岩石下面,而且从来不用于电子方式共享信息。即便这样,信息泄漏也不能能避免,因为他们要做到纳税申报之类的事情。”Regularly checking your personal credit rating is the best way to keep track of financial fraud, but it is harder to monitor how hackers are using healthcare data or how identification such as social security numbers in the US or national insurance numbers in the UK, that are used to access myriad sensitive accounts, may be being misused.定期检查自己的个人信用评级是发现金融欺诈的最差方法,但要监控黑客如何利用医疗数据或者那些用来采访大量脆弱账户的身份信息(如美国的社会保障号码或英国的国民保险号码)如何被欺诈要艰难得多。


Mr Kaplan says companies’ and government agencies’ dependence on this form of identification and other easily discoverable identifiers such as names, addresses and dates of birth, is archaic and no longer secure.卡普兰说道,企业及政府机构对这种身份辨识形式以及其他更容易被找到的辨识信息(如名字、地址和出生日期)的倚赖是过时的、不安全性的。He recommends companies come up with a more secure authentication system and that consumers use two-factor authentication, where a password is used in conjunction with another randomly created code, often sent by SMS or generated by an app.他建议企业用于一种更加安全性的身份验证系统,消费者用于双重身份检验——密码与随机创立的代码因应用于,后者一般来说由短信发送到或由应用于分解。Vince Steckler, chief executive of Avast, an antivirus software maker for consumers, says people become scared when they see thefts of individuals’ data from companies such as Target and Home Depot, the US retailers. But he adds they really need to worry about how much data they share voluntarily online.杀毒软件制造商Avast首席执行官文斯施特克勒(Vince Steckler)说道,当看见个人信息被从美国零售商——如Target和家得宝(Home Depot)——那里被盗取时,人们不会深感惧怕。但他补足说道,人们确实必须担忧的是自己在网上强迫共享了多少数据。

“Users probably give far more private information about themselves through their normal use of the internet —Facebook, WhatsApp, just about any kind of app on a phone or computer,” he says. “They give up a massive amount of personal information. The biggest threat to people’s privacy is just the legitimate stuff they are using.”“用户在日常用于互联网(Facebook、WhatsApp等手机或电脑中的任何一款应用于)时,获取的私人信息有可能还要非常少,”他说道,“他们曝露了大量的个人信息。对人们的隐私威胁仅次于的是他们用于的合法工具。

”Hackers often use publicly available data about people that is on the internet to “socially engineer” contacts, pretending to be someone users know or trust in order to get them to download an attachment or click on an infected link. Or they can use online information on friends and family members to answer the questions that might be used to access password codes.黑客常常利用在网上可以公开发表取得的个人数据来生产社交关系,假装是用户了解或者信任的某个人,为的是让他们iTunes一个附件或者页面一个有病毒的链接。或者,他们可以利用一个人的朋友和家人的网上信息问有可能被用作提供密码的问题。“On a public profile, people have where they are born, what university they went to, who their family members are, what city they live in. All that information can be used to get more private pieces of information such as social security numbers, addresses and phone numbers,” Mr Steckler says.“在公开发表概述中,人们透漏出有自己的出生地、读过的大学、家庭成员以及所居住于的城市。

所有这些信息都可以被用作提供更好的私人信息,如社会保障号码、家庭地址及电话号码,”施特克勒说道。People should be aware of what information is available about them online and be suspicious when they receive emails from unknown senders. When clicking through to another site from an email, do not enter personal details as it could be a fake domain. Instead, search for the site on an independent search engine and log in from there.人们应当理解,自己的哪些信息在网上可以坎到,并且在接到陌生人发送到的邮件时应维持猜测态度。当从电子邮件中页面链接转入另一个网站时,不要输出个人详细信息,因为该网站有可能是一个冒充域名。

你要做到的是,在另一个独立国家搜索引擎上搜寻该网站并从那里指定。Senior managers and executives in organisations may be even more at risk, cyber security experts warn, as hackers will presume they have good credit ratings or perhaps access to confidential work files while working remotely.网络安全专家警告称之为,的组织中的高层管理人员有可能面对更大风险,因为黑客不会推断他们有很好的信用评级,或者在远程工作时可以采访机密的工作文件。Tony Anscombe, head of free products at AVG, a security software maker, says consumers need to think about forgoing some convenience in return for better security. When shopping online, he recommends people use the option to check out as a guest to restrict the number of ecommerce sites that store their details.网络安全软件制造商AVG免费产品主管托尼褠斯科姆(Tony Anscombe)说道,消费者必须考虑到退出一些便捷,以交换条件更佳的安全性。

网际网路购物时,他建议人们用于参观者结账的选项,以容许电子商务网站存储他们详细信息的数量。“One of the first things I suggest to anyone is you can type in your credit card details each time you make a purchase. It is only a 16 digit number, it is not too complicated,” he says.“我对所有人的第一个建议是,每次网购,你都要输出一次自己的信用卡信息。只有16位数字,并不过于简单,”他说道。


He adds that consumers should use different email addresses for different purposes, such as shopping and banking, so hackers cannot match an email stolen from an ecommerce website to one from a bank. Emails from more than one address can be directed to the same device, so this should not be too inconvenient, he says.他补足说道,针对有所不同的目的(如购物和办理银行业务),消费者应当用于有所不同的电子邮件地址,这样黑客就无法利用从电商网站偷走的电邮去给定从银行盗取的电邮。可以从同一款设备发送到多个有所不同地址的电邮,因此,这样做到应当会太麻烦。Other basic steps that Mr Anscombe recommends include checking your social media settings to make sure you know what you are sharing, turning off facial recognition so that you do not get tagged in photos without your permission and using different and complex passwords for each account.安斯科姆建议的其他基本措施还包括,检查你的社交媒体设置,保证自己告诉共享的内容;开动面部辨识功能,这样你就会在予以自己许可的情况下被在照片中标示出有自己的名字;每个账户要用于有所不同且简单的密码。

“Every time you write something down that is personal, think: Who is storing it, where is it being stored and why am I sending it to them?” he says.“你每次写牵涉到个人隐私的信息,都要想要一下:谁在存储它,存储在哪里,我为什么要发送给他们?”他说道。



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